The Washers: Different Types and Applications
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The Washers: Different Types and Applications

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The washer is a thin disc-shaped plate with a hole in the center. However, there are some differences in applications, appearance, etc. Do you know the different types of spring washers with different applications? Keep reading!

Disc Conical Spring Lock Washer DIN6796

Disc Conical Spring Lock Washer DIN6796

At present, there are three types of washers: flat washers, spring washers and lock washers.

Flat Washers

The distribution characteristics of the flat washer can prevent any form of damage to the assembly surface. There are five types of flat washers.

1. Flat washer (A-type flat washer)

It has a thin and flat surface with a hole in the centre. This type of washer provides support for smaller head screws.

2. Fender washers

Unlike flat washers, fender washers can handle larger areas of load. Fender washers can be used in automotive, pipe, sheet metal applications, etc.

3. C-washers

It is designed to provide sliding action on bolts or shafts.

4. Countersunk washers

It has a 90 or 120 degree countersunk head on the top. This type of washer can be used as a flat washer for flat head countersunk screws.

5. Shoulder washer. 

This type of gasket is generally available in glass fiber, nylon and other types of materials, and it is used to insulate screws, wires or other parts of the assembly.

Spring Washer

VSKD Curved Washer

VSKD Curved Washer

Spring washers share different types of load distribution. They can provide load to the fastener during vibration or shock. There are also five types of spring washers.

1.Crescent (Curved) spring washers

In general, they are crescent-shaped or arc-shaped. They only support small loads but have a wide deflection range. These spring washers can be used in flexible and load-cycling products.

2.Belleville (conical spring washer)

It supports high loads and has low deflection, which makes them suitable for components exposed to thermal expansion and contraction conditions.

3.Dome spring washer

The grounding curve of these washers supports high load capacity and a relatively small deflection range.

3.Wave spring washers

They are mainly used as buffer springs or washers on shafts. These washers have a medium load capacity and deflection range.

4.Finger spring washer

They are mainly made of carbon steel and are mainly used to eliminate component noise, excessive wear and vibration.

Lock Washer

Tooth Lock Washer DIN6798

Tooth Lock Washer DIN6798

The lock washer is designed to prevent loosening of fasteners that tend to rotate. When using components, these washers prevent unscrewing and rotation. There are three types of lock washers.

1.Internal tooth lock washer

These washers prevent the nut or bolt head from loosening by using the same tooth strut action as the previous lock washer.

2.External tooth lock washer

They have the function of tooth struts, which can prevent the nut or bolt head from loosening. This type of lock washer also provides the greatest torsion resistance when the teeth bite into the mating surface.

3.Spiral or split lock washers

The working principle of the spiral lock washer is to increase the pre-tightening force of the screw during the tightening process. This action prevents components from loosening during vibration and corrosion.

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