How Does a Spring Pin Work?
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How Does a Spring Pin Work?

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Also known as a roll pin, a spring pin is a type of fastener that is used to connect two or more machine parts. Spring pins are hollow dowel pins manufactured from spring steel. They are called "spring pins" because they contain a spring that can expand when inserted. However, what makes spring pins puzzling is their size. They are wider than the hole in which they are inserted, making many people wonder how they work.

Mechanics of spring pins

Even if they are wider than the hole in which they are inserted, spring pins can work because they deform and then expand. They have at least one chamber, allowing them to enter the cargo hold. Once inside the hole, the spring pins expand, causing them to squeeze the inner wall of the hole. This compression will continue to occur until the spring pin reaches a hole of the same diameter.

How do they work?

Spring pins work by filling the space of the hole in which they are placed while attempting to expand. They are known as “spring pins” because they are rod-like pins that act like springs. They will deform under pressure, and during this process, spring pins will attempt to expand by releasing the mechanical energy of this pressure.

Upon placing a spring pin in a hole, it will expand. Spring pins are chamfered, meaning their diameter changes from one end to the other end. With their chamfered design, spring pins will compress while filling the space of the hole. In doing so, spring pins will exert a force against the inner walls of the hole.

There are two primary types of spring pins:

Coiled spring pins: One of the most common type of spring pin is coiled. Coiled spring pins are characterized by a coiled construction. Most of them are made of metal or a metal alloy.

Slotted spring pins: There are also slotted spring pins. Slotted spring pins are cylindrical-shaped pins with a slot running down them.

spring pins

Spring Pins

Spring pins and split pins: what is the difference?

Although they are used to connect components, spring pins are not the same as split pins. The split pin is a simple metal fastener with two long metal pieces, which are deformed inserts. When the split pin is bent, it holds the components together. However, split pins usually do not return to their original shape—at least without human intervention.

Spring pins have existed for more than half a century. The world's first coiled spring was invented by German aviation mechanics and pilots, Herman Koehl in 1948. Since then, they have become commonly used mechanical speed boosters on heavy machinery, automobiles, airplanes and even household furniture.


Spring pins and spring pin fasteners are cost-effective industrial fasteners that require very little preparation. Usually, the user only needs to drill a hole before installation. Both coiled spring pins and slotted spring pins have a variety of applications. For example, electrical spring pins are sometimes used as electrical connectors.

Spring pin fasteners are suitable for casting, stamping and other production operations. Slotted spring pins are more resistant to shock and vibration than other products. Spring loaded pins may have a quick release mechanism, making them ideal for applications with limited space. For all types of spring pins and spring fasteners, bulk pricing is usually available. Spring pin suppliers are located in North America and all over the world.

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