Plain Vs Spring Washer
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Plain Vs Spring Washer

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Plain Vs Spring Washer

The washer consists of a thin ring-shaped metal plate with a hole in the center to distribute the load of the fastener. The fastener will create an load when driven into an object. With washers, the load will be distributed over a large area, thereby protecting objects from damage. Although all washers are designed to distribute the load of a fastener, there are several types, including plain and spring.

What is a plain washer?

The most common type of washer is a plain washer. Plain washers are also called flat washers. They are characterized by a simple design and consist of a flat metal sheet with a hole in the middle. It is inserted through a threaded fastener. When the fastener is driven into an object, the plain washer will distribute its load.

All plain washers are flat. This is their definition. Some flat washers are made of aluminum, while others are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Flat washers are also available in different sizes. Regardless, they are all flat. If a washer is flat, it is considered a flat washer.

What is a spring washer?

On the other hand, a spring washer is a washer having a curved shape. Unlike flat washers, they are not flat. The spring washer is bent. They can be bent in different ways, but all spring washers have a curved shape that prevents them from being flush with the surface when there is no load.

spring washer

spring washer

Spring washers also allow for faster load distribution, but they are particularly useful for applications involving vibration. Vibration can cause fasteners to loosen. If a fastener is inserted into a vibrating machine or object, it may loosen to where it came out. Spring washers can prevent this from happening. They provide axial load and hold the fastener in the object.

Some different types of spring washers include the following:

Concave spring


Curved plate


Tooth lock

The difference between plain washers and spring washers

Both plain washers and spring washers are used to distribute the load of fasteners. The difference lies in their shape. Plain washers are flat, while spring washers are bent. For most applications, flat washers are usually used. For vibrating machines and objects, spring washers are recommended. Spring washers are unique because they provide an axial load to counteract vibrations, thereby preventing fasteners from loosening.

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