What Is The Split Cotter Pin?
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What Is The Split Cotter Pin?

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split cotter pin

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Split cotter pin is a kind of metal hardware, also called spring pin and safety pin. Split cotter pin is a mechanical part. In order to avoid damage to the hole wall, grease can be added to the pin hole. Cotter pins are usually made of high-quality steel and elastic materials.

Split Cotter Pin Application

Used to prevent loosening of threaded connections. After the nut is tightened, insert the cotter pin into the nut groove and the bolt tail hole. And open the tail of the cotter pin to prevent the nut and the bolt from rotating relative to each other.

Split Cotter Pin Standard

1. Range and nominal specifications: 0.6~20mm

2. Split pin material.

  • Carbon steel: Q215, Q235 (GB/T700)

  • Copper alloy: H63 (GB/T5232)

  • Stainless steel: Cr17Ni7, 0Cr18Ni9Ti (GB/T1220)

3. The surface of split pin is not allowed to have burrs, irregular and harmful defects.

4. Resilience.

Each leg of the split pin should be able to withstand repeated bends without breaking or cracking in the bent part.

Bending method: Pull the cotter pin apart, clamp its free and straight leg part in the inspection mold (should not be flattened); then bend the cotter pin by 90°, one round trip is a bend. The test speed should not exceed 60 times/min. The inspection mold should have a semi-circular slotted hole whose diameter is the nominal size of the split pin. The jaws should have rounded corners of r=0.5mm.

5. If the split pin is allowed to be made into an opening, the angle α between the inner planes of its two legs should meet the specifications.

6. The eye circles should be made as round as possible.

The cross section of the two legs of the cotter pin should be circular, but the intersection of the two legs of the cotter pin should have a radius r=(0.05~0.01)dmax (d—the diameter of the cotter pin).

7. The gap between the two cotter pins and the misalignment of the two feet should not be greater than the difference between the nominal size of the cotter pin and dmax.

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