The Effect Of Spring Washers To Prevent Loosening
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The Effect Of Spring Washers To Prevent Loosening

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Spring Washer

In all kinds of mechanical joints, bolt loosening is a very important part. There are various ways to prevent loosening of bolts, including the use of spring washers to prevent loosening.


Anti-loosening principle

The spring washer principle is in the spring washer flattening, the spring washer will produce a continuous elasticity, so that the nut and the bolt threaded connection continues to maintain a frictional force, resulting in a resistance moment to prevent the nut from loosening. At the same time, the sharp corners of the openings of the spring washers are embedded in the surface of the bolts and the connected parts respectively, thus preventing the bolts from turning back with respect to the connected parts. For commercial heavy-duty axle parts, spring washers are widely used.


The role of spring washers

1. spring washer role is to tighten the nut after the spring washer to give the nut a spring force, against the nut, so that it is not easy to fall off. The basic role of the spring is to give the nut a force after tightening the nut, increasing the friction between the nut and bolt. 

2. With the spring pad is generally not used flat pad. In addition to protect the surface of the fastener and installation surface before considering the use of flat pads and spring pads. 


Spring Washer

The advantages of spring washers

①Low manufacturing cost

② spring washers have a good anti-loosening effect

③ spring washers have a good anti-shock effect

④ installation is very convenient


Disadvantages of spring washers

Spring washer is affected by the material and process, if the material does not work, heat treatment is not well grasped or other processes are not done, it is easy to crack the phenomenon, so be sure to choose a reliable manufacturer.


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