The Important Functions of Washers
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The Important Functions of Washers

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spring washers

When assembling machine parts together, certain tools are required to tighten them as tightly as possible. In addition, some tools can maintain the tightness of objects by evenly dispersing the load distribution. One of the tools that can distribute the load of objects is washer. They are commonly used for distributing the load over a relatively large area. But do you know the details about the important functions of them?

Load Distribution

The basic function of most washers is to convey the heap of the strung clasp with which they are utilized. This is because strung clasp exerts pressure on the materials that will drive them. For example, screwing screws into wood may cause the wood to break around the surface. The gasket reduces this damage by evenly dispersing the pile of latches on the outside of the material. For wood and other generally soft materials, the gasket is very important because it ensures that the buckle is protected from pressure-related damage when it hits the material.

Divider Function

Washers can also be used as divider. For example, on the off chance that the strung clasp is longer than the profundity of the item, you will not have the option to drive it right into the item. In this case, in order to allow a part of the latch to protrude from the back of the article, a washer can be used. Before inserting the washer into the article, passing the washer through the strung latch can provide a cushioning effect, so the buckle will not dive too deep.

Spring Washer


Known as damping or vibration isolation washers, they are usually not made of metal. They are made of softer materials, such as elastic or urethane. This is because softer materials are more successful in maintaining vibration than hard materials. If a string lock is used to connect two objects, and one of the objects vibrates strongly, the use of a vibration damping washer can protect the other object from injury.

Fluid proof

This type of gasket prevents the ingress of water and liquids. They are usually used for water-tight sealing of water pipes and associations.

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